Cornell’s Class of 2021 shines with stories of ingenuity, resilience

In a year defined in part by COVID-19, Cornell graduates charted their own course, showcasing creative ideas, perseverance, and a dedication to the broader community and to each other.


Cait McCarthy, M.Arch ’21, left, fabricates a Seat-Saw with Jordan Young, M.Arch ’21, in Rand Hall.
The iconic A.D. White statue and Arts Quad, as seen in Minecraft. Image provided.
Students met for a socially distanced class in Milstein Hall in fall 2020.
This rendering of the proposed Waterloo Art Center shows the third floor, with open studios and an atrium. Image provided.

Community Resilience

Moriah Adeghe ‘21
Joanna Papadakis ‘21
Brianna Johnson ‘21
Alice Soewito ‘21
Renelle Mensah ‘21

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